George, July 4th Parade


Welcome to George and Chris’s Amputee Leg Shop. The Amputee Leg Shop was started by two amputees, George, a 72 year old amputee, and Chris, a 23 year old amputee. George has been making his own A/K legs now for over 25 years and is now showing Chris (who has no insurance) how to make his own “state of the art” B/K legs for approximately $200. Check out their stories.


The purpose of this web site is to help amputees communicate with others using our chat room, the Q&A page, to tell our/your stories, and also helping amputees learn how to make their prostheses more comfortable. You will find in our web site the following: how to make simple adjustments, DIY solutions, stories from others, videos and pictures on leg making, how to donate old legs so we can make used parts available, a mail-in shoe swap system, and much more. We hope you enjoy the site and help make it grow by telling others and by using our chat room for asking questions and sending in answers. Read how George got started, read Chris’s story, click on the tabs that may be of interest to you. We hope you enjoy this web site and help make it grow for other amputees in the future.

George showing Chris how to make his leg


Enjoy and check back frequently as we plan to add new stories and services as the site grows.

-George and Chris




Disclaimer: For illustrative purposes only, the Amputee Leg Shop does not endorse or recommend any particular adjustments, settings, or solutions seen on this site. You are responsible for the results of any adjustments, settings, or solutions that you use from this site.

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